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In this article, you will learn about what is mulesoft anypoint exchange and also public portals in anypoint exchange, a public portal that enables users to find, share and use reusable assets and connectors...

What is Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange ?​

MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange is a comprehensive and growing marketplace of reusable connectors and integration patterns. As an architect or developer, you can use these connectors and patterns to quickly build integrations without having to start from scratch. You can also share your own connectors and patterns with the community.

Simply, Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange is a marketplace for integration assets such as connectors, templates, and examples from the mulesoft ecosystem, It is mainly used to save, share, reuse and discover APIs.

Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange - Integration Assets

Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange : Public Portal

Mulesoft Exchange Public Portals are an important part of Anypoint Exchange. They provide a way for individuals or organizations to share their APIs, microservices, connectors and integration patterns with the community. Anyone can publish a Public Portal, and anyone can consume the contents

  • Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange public portals are accessible to anyone using the internet where developers outside of an organization also can access RESTSOAP, and HTTP APIs.
  • Users do not need to log in for downloading assets from the public portal.
  • Public Portal is just like a portfolio for mulesoft developers, and these portals are also called as developer portals.

MuleSoft Exchange public portal

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