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Imagine how different it would be If your IT team is having a lot of resources for their tons of requests, and access to the latest technologies that automate a lot of routine tasks. It’s really awesome, right? Well with Mulesoft we can do all of this, But what is mulesoft? So In the article will go through what is Mulesoft, and What does mulesoft do?

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What is MuleSoft ?

Firstly, MuleSoft is a software company which is founded in the year 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, To answer the what is muleSoft question, We need to understand what solutions it is providing to an organization. MuleSoft provides solutions to unlock the potential of each and every person in your organization, So they can deliver business outcomes faster, Well this can be done by giving IT easy-to-use tools for building automations and integrations while giving line-of-business (LOB) teams secure, self-serve access to the exact capabilities and components they need to succeed.

MuleSoft given the solution for IT teams that automates routine work, integrates systems to free up time and move your company forward.

What does MuleSoft do?

As we arleady know that IT team plays a vital role in a modern enterprise, They are the one who responsible for keeping all the things smoooth, protecting the organization data and also pushing  businesses forward with latest technologies. So obviously many teams depends on them for critical projects!

 According to MuleSoft’s Connectivity Benchmark Report.  Only 44% of IT teams completed all the projects asked of them last year — 52% of which were delivered late, This slows down the entire business, and these challenges get harder to overcome as worker skills become more scarce and budgets grow tighter.

MuleSoft goal is to make IT’s job easier.

So what is MuleSoft? MuleSoft is a platform that provides tools for IT Team that automate everything. This includes the following :

  • Integrating Data and Systems
  • Automating Workflows and Processes
  • Creating Incredible Digital Experiences

Now you know what MuleSoft is, let’s explore how MuleSoft works.

How does MuleSoft work?

MuleSoft helps IT teams with the following three things :

  • Unlocking Systems and Data with Integration.
  • Driving Productivity and Efficiency with Automation.
  • Creating Engaging Digital Experiences.

With the composable approach of mulesoft connectivity, Teams can deliver projects faster by converting every digital asset into a reusable product.

How does MuleSoft integrate technology and data?

The most important asset in an organization is Data, Without it business leaders can just take decisions based on their educated guesses rather than informed decisions, Marketer simply shout into the void, and sales teams have no idea whom they need to call,  That’s why every team needs access to the right data to do their jobs well.

The average organization has 976 individual applications holding its data, and it’s hard to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information across all these systems. Integration solves this by connecting all of the applications across the enterprise so people can access the exact data they need. 

How does MuleSoft make integration easy? Well, it’s all about a combination of composable APIs, cloud-based integration principles (also known as iPaaS), and robotic process automation (RPA) working to pull data from legacy systems and a combination of these capabilities allows MuleSoft customers to integrate any system and unlock any data set.

What is MuleSoft’s role in automation?

MuleSoft is providing tools like a unified platform where they can build reusable automation, components, workflows, and integrations with all the right security baked in. Then, when teams ask for help with automating a task, IT can send them to no-code solutions i.e., Mulesoft Composer which helps them self-serve exactly what they need with clicks instead of code.

What is MuleSoft doing to create seamless experiences?

You Can pack whatever integrations, automations, or workflows that you created into digital experiences that can impact the people who matter most.  Whether it’s an eCommerce platform, a new mobile banking application, or a customer data portal for your employees, you can build it quickly with assets that you already have in your back pocket from past projects.

What are Mulesoft Products ?

Mulesoft products are Anypoint Platform, Mulesoft Composer, and  Mulesoft RPA.

Anypoint Platform

Mulesoft Anypoint Platform is an integrated web-based platform that is used to Design, Develop, Deploy, Manage, Secure, and Reuse APIs in one place that has an all-in-one solution for creating and maintaining APIs

Mulesoft Composer

Mulesoft Composer It is the fastest and easiest way to connect apps and data for business teams without any programming.

Example: Assume you are a Salesforce admin and you want to automatically bring in data from external databases or apps,  Now just imagine if that integration tool is embedded directly in your admin console then it is awesome right? Well, that’s what Anypoint MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is for.

Mulesoft RPA

RPA Stands for Robotic Process Automation, Well Mulelsoft RPA helps us to automate repetitive processes and tasks for every team.

Watch Video for What is Mulesoft | Anypoint Platform | Composer

What are the benefits of MuleSoft?

When companies start using tools like mulesoft anypoint platform, composer, and RPA. Well, The whole organization becomes more efficient and moves faster And as projects get done faster, IT can spend more time on what they do best( Thinking up new innovative ideas and transforming the business.

How do Salesforce and MuleSoft work together?

MuleSoft has been part of the Salesforce family since 2018.

You can use Salesforce and MuleSoft together to solve business problems as shown below :

  • Automating workflows to improve a customer-facing experience with low-code solutions.
  • Developing integrated applications with Lightning Platform and Heroku.
  • Creating a single customer view in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud by integrating siloed third-party systems.
  • Connecting Customer 360 with legacy sources to synchronize order, invoice, and product information

Source: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/what-is-mulesoft/

So now that you know what MuleSoft is, what will your business do with it? If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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